Political Incorrectness in the UK

Being politically correct can often seem like an honourable thing to do, but more often than not it can become a paradox. When you dig deeper into being correct, you will end up finding hundreds of words you never knew existed. These words are used to not cause offence to certain people such as people of colour, people with disability and likewise. Not likewise, but words to describe different people (example A). There is no end to this cycle without spending days to find out which words are wrong and which are right, but it never does end, words come up which are newly offensive to a certain minority which starts a cycle. Whilst nobody is throwing around the n-word, everyone stutters at the start of a possibly offensive sentence before realising no one is offended by the word ‘Taffy’ because no – I’m not being racist against Welsh people. But no way does political incorrectness end there.

Some of the best British TV shows are based off being politically incorrect and millions of people will sit around the TV and laugh without challenging it because when we have no judgement around us, we are all slightly politically incorrect. TV shows such as Only Fools and Horses set the UK standard for incorrect gritty TV shows that America would, later on, go to try and recreate, ultimately leaving the humorous part out. Little Britain is a good example of this; mad, quirky and extremely incorrect, the hit TV show which was created by comedians David Walliams and Matt Lucas received 9.3 million viewers a night before being upgraded from BBC3 to BBC1, the most Victorian channel on television. This series saw Lucas playing Andy, a disabled man who wasn’t really disabled and Walliams playing Lou, who pushed him around. This TV show was only made in 2003, but even now there has been a large change in what is now seen as politically correct, and if that means watching Miranda do stand-up comedy, I don’t want it.

Living in Britain is becoming more like a PG movie, seeing things such as the cigarette ban, alcohol increasing in price, the government trying to make us blind to what is happening around the world, and Brexit is another story altogether. Let the people of Britain find out for themselves what is wrong from right.

But that’s where we come in, the politically incorrect people around the UK that don’t want to be blind to the world around us. Being politically incorrect isn’t just calling a Welshman a Taffy, it’s rebelling against the machine (see: Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name of).

Help end the stigma around political incorrectness, because incorrectness is so punk.


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